Wash and Gos Made Easy with van + veronica

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Looking for a simple routine to create a wash and go? Look no further! van + veronica was created as an alternative to heavy, greasy products with overpowering fragrances. The Fine and Coily Collection was developed and formulated for – you guessed it – fine and coily hair. The line includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in, and Styler. Just four steps to achieve a wash and go and music to the ears of any who enjoy simplistic hair routines.

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No Butters No Oils Natural Hair challenge

The Rules of No Butters No Oils | 30 Day Hair Detox

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There’s been a huge uptick of videos on Youtube and social apps from creators ditching raw oils and butter on natural hair. The same oils and jars of butter that are praised for giving so many amazing results for natural and relaxed hair care enthusiasts alike. 

I can honestly say, the thought of not coating my strands in my favorite butter and oil-rich products scared me. But before rejecting the method altogether, I sought to learn a little bit more about it and how it could possibly benefit my coily head of hair. 

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Mofajang hair color wax material

Trying Bright Purple Color On My Type 4 Hair

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I have a secret confession. I’ve wanted to color my hair something wild and untraditional FOR YEARS! I’d always look longingly at other people who colored their hair fun colors, but never dared to do it myself because of the risk of damaging my fine 4c hair.

I’ve had experience with coloring my hair with blonde highlights in the past and I’m always left with a dry detangling nightmare. It wasn’t worth it, so I settled on get the occasional colored wig to live out my fantasy…until today.

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