From October 2019 to December 2020 I managed to grow and retain a significant amount of length to my 4c hair. I’d like to share 7 easy ways you can grow your hair too.

Hair growth isn’t rocket science. If you are healthy and maintain healthy hair habits, with consistency, your hair could be growing inches in no time. The key is a combination of nutrition and routine. If you maintain a healthy diet and low manipulation routine, your hair will grow and retain length.

NOTE: I highly recommend you watch the video above for more in-depth information and photos about the quick tips I will share below.



long 4c hair straight

Left: October 2019 • Right: December 2020

Scalp Care

Many natural hair blogs skip over the importance of scalp care. Remember that all hair growth is predicated on the amount of nutrients your body has to help with the hair growth process. The things you eat, blood circulation, and scalp cleanliness all matter very much. If your body spends all of its time repairing internal illness or fighting bacteria, your hair gets the leftover energy. Cleanse your scalp regularly and eat a balanced diet – this is the foundation to healthy hair growth.

Add More Water

What does this mean? Saturate your hair with water more often. This could translate as an extra shampoo day, co-washes, or wash n gos – it doesn’t matter. Just add more water.

Accept Your Shrinkage

Here’s the thing. As soon as you accept that your hair reverts to its natural state and don’t care, the less manipulation you’ll do to your hair. Twist outs, braid outs, wash and goes – healthy hair reverts. Shrinkage keeps the hair from brushing your shoulders and clothing as well. This could lead to less breakage. So go ahead and stretch your hair, just stop pulling it down to for length all day long.

Less Heat

Heat in all forms is drying to the hair. Dry hair leads to breakage. The solution is to use less heat. Also cover your hair with head wraps in extreme environmental heat, if possible.

Keep it Simple

Only use products and techniques that work for your hair density, porosity, and hair type. Sometimes we can get caught in the hype of new techniques and abandon the simple things that work.

If you’d like help figuring out your hair porosity and what techniques might work, check out my blog post here.

Mind Your Detangling

The detangling process can be lengthy. This is one of the main complaints of those who choose to sport their natural hair and it’s true. In the beginning of my hair journey detangling my biggest challenge. Then I learned how to properly finger detangle and it changed my life. Whether detangling with your fingers or a tool, add lots of slippery conditioner and water.

I’ve got a full tutorial here.

Pay Attention At Night

Nighttime routines are just as important as daytime or wash routines. Use silk or satin pillowcases and head scarves to maintain moisture levels in your hair. Get rid of bonnets or other materials that damage your hairline or suck moisture out of your hair. The most notorious of dry fabrics are cotton, wool, and polyester.



LaToya Ebony straight hair


What it comes to haircare routines simplicity and consistency will always win. As soon as you find the products and technique that works for YOU, it’s pretty much a slam dunk.

Check my Youtube natural hairstyles playlist for more tutorials. I’ve also got a youtube tab here on the navigation bar at the top of this page where you can see all of my videos that upload every Monday and Thursday. Subscribe to my newsletter, so you don’t miss any of my content. See ya in your inbox soon.

Happy healthy hair journey!

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  • Mpundu Chikoya says:

    I’ve been watching your videos and I love them. I’m trying to grow my hair and I was wondering, is it best to not have my hair braided regularly and just keep it in its natural state?

    • LaToya Ebony says:

      Hey! It all really depends on your regular hair practices and routine. Braiding the hair is typically a great way to lower the manipulation and breakage IF you can maintain your scalp and hydration levels. Also, putting braids in requires a ton of manipulation, so it’s best to braid and leave the hair braided for a couple weeks to reap the benefits. For me, lower manipulation hair styles work best. Twistouts, braidouts, buns, updos. It allows me to wash my hair regularly which I prefer because my scalp needs it. In short, both work. ☺️

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