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My name is LaToya Ebony. I’m an actress and this the digital scrapbook of my life. I began sharing my journey in 2010 when I decided to embrace the natural texture of my hair. Since then I’ve become a wife, mother, and have continued to pursue my career in acting. I share much of my life in video format and tend to sprinkle elements of haircare and fashion into my content. Who says you can’t look good while pursuing your dreams?

My mission is to share my belief that it only takes doing an ordinary thing daily to create an extraordinary life. I’ve grown in many areas of my life and achieved many of my goals by following this model. My hope is that by watching my journey, you are inspired and empowered to chase after the goals and dreams you have for yourself.

I invite you to join me as I candidly share my life, my loves, and my failures. So subscribe and let’s chase greatness together. 



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