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My name is LaToya Ebony. I’m an actress and this the digital scrapbook of my life. I began sharing my journey in 2010 when I decided to embrace the natural texture of my hair. Since then I’ve become a wife, mother, and have continued to pursue my career in acting.

As a woman with 4c hair, my blog offers fun and easy to digest natural haircare tips and hairstyling how-to videos for women with type 4 hair.

I want to inspire women to confidently showcase their highly textured hair to the world. So go ‘head, sis, and let that crowned melanin GLOW! I have big chopped twice, texturized, and gone back to natural, so I get it. I’m here to help.

You’ll also find feminine outfit ideas for athletic body types, and fitness motivation.

I invite you to join me as I candidly share my life, my loves, and my failures. So subscribe and let’s chase greatness together. 



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