It only takes doing an ordinary thing daily to create an extraordinary life.

I've grown in many areas of my life and achieved many goals by following this model. My hope is that by sharing my journey, you are inspired and empowered to chase after the goals and dreams you have for yourself.

5 Ordinary Things Successful People Do Consistently

From the beginning of my journey to now, I've collected a few major gems that have helped me stay focused, calm my fears, and remember that 'the compounding of small tasks create large wins.' Click the link below to subscribe and download the pdf for free.

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Post Pregnancy Hair Struggle

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Ya’ll it’s been a JOURNEY loving my hair. I’ve been relaxed, natural, texturized, and back to natural. Today I wouldn’t trade my texture of hair for anyone else’s. I’m proud of it and I love it. Detangling: Wetting, Combing, applying product, and twisting. They are normal everyday ordinary things that most people do on a daily basis. The key for me was a shift in emotion and mindset.

What I Learned Making My Bed Daily

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For most of my life I’ve been on and off about making my bed. But for the past  three months, I’ve made it a priority to make the bed every single morning without excuse. First I began because I wanted my space to look better, but I quickly realized it made me feel like I have my crap together. And I LOVE that feeling. The funny thing is, I actually got more organized and felt a bigger push to be more productive.
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Hollywood Acting. How’s It Going For Me?

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In my last post featuring my new YouTube channel trailer, I talked about doing ordinary things on a consistent basis that has helped guide me into the woman I’m becoming. I’m an actress and a storyteller. So I took my own advice and stepped away from YouTube to do some ordinary things like sleep, spend time with my family, and get back into acting class. My time away led to some pretty wonderful things. I consider myself blessed to be able to share these moments with you.
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My New YouTube Channel Trailer

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I remember standing on a train platform in Chicago on the last day of having a nine to five in that city. I had a big Afro matched with big ambition.  I moved into a tiny Los Angeles apartment that felt like a shoebox with a bathroom attached. I literally slept in the same room as my stove.  I made Youtube videos about my hair and worked part time as a makeup artist.  But I didn’t care,  because I was going to be on TV. I had just shot my first television episodes as a guest star on a hit…