Wash and gos Made Easy with van + veronica

12/14/2022 · Category: Haircare

Looking for a simple routine to create a wash and go? van + veronica was created as an alternative to heavy, greasy products with overpowering fragrances. The Fine and Coily Collection was developed and formulated for – you guessed it – fine and coily hair. The line includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in, and Styler. Just four steps to achieve a wash and go and music to the ears of any who enjoys simplistic hair routines.   View full post

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2022

11/24/2022 · Category: Holiday

The ultimate gift guide for everyone in your life. There’s something for him, her, friends, family, fashionistas, and naturalistas. Come back every few days or so for updates on the list. I’ve even added some Black Friday Deals for 2022..  View full post

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The Perfect Makeup Routine For WOC Soft Glam

03/18/2022 · Category: Beauty

Who loves soft glam? I do! I thought I’d show you a pretty glitter pink makeup look and three sexy (but classy) outfit ideas to wear to the office, with friends, or date night with bae.  View full post

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Pull Off Hot Pink And Leather Over 30

11/24/2021 · Category: Fashion

Pink admittedly is not my favorite color. At times it comes off as feeling a bit too young for my sensibility. But *hot* pink? Give it to me baby! Adding a pop of hot pink to an outfit adds a bit of fun to an otherwise predictable outfit. Hot pink screams “let’s go dancing” or “Yeah I see you looking.” There’s something fun and confident about this shade of pink and I want to break down why this outfit works for women at any age.  View full post

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How To Wear The Belted Blazer Trend

11/7/2021 · Category: Fashion

This trend has been around for decades, but it has made a resurgence in the past few years as being one of the trendiest ways to wear a blazer in 2021. I’ll break down what made this look work so you can apply the same principles to your own wardrobe.  View full post

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Updated 4c Moisturize Routine

10/21/2021 · Category: Haircare

My updated 4c wash day and moisturizing steps for my new natural hair care routine. After doing the 30 Day Hair Detox for nearly 2 months, I’ve decided to revamp my hair care regimen. I’ve added some new products and techniques and kept some oldies, but goodies.

View full post

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Uplevel Your Outfits With Red

10/31/2021 · Category: Fashion

Red is one of my favorite accent colors. Red lipstick, red shoes, red purses – they add an electric boss lady energy that commands attention. This time I chose to play my look down with a casual outfit adorned with bright red accessories. I love how it turned out!

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Rules of No Butter No Oil | 30 Day Hair Detox

7/25/2021 · Category: Haircare

There’s been a huge uptick of videos on Youtube and social apps from creators ditching raw oils and butter on natural hair. The same oils and jars of butter are praised for giving so many amazing results for natural and relaxed hair care enthusiasts alike. 

I can honestly say, the thought of not coating my strands in my favorite butter and oil-rich products scared me. But before rejecting the method altogether, I sought to learn a little bit more about it and how it could possibly benefit my coily head of hair. View Full Post

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30 day hair detox

Camel Coats And Faux Leather For Fall

10/10/2021 · Category: Fashion

Has there ever been an outfit that a peacoat didn’t look good with? No seriously. Even with sweat pants and sneakers, a tailored peacoat makes anyone look put together.  Well, this Zara coat is certainly no exception. Camel is one of those classic fall colors that never go out of style and the great news is, so many retailers have various versions of them. You could go for a classic, simple cut like mine with cinching in the waist or try something new and modern. For example, embellished, over-exaggerated shoulders or an oversized menswear look. The options are bountiful and it’s hard to go wrong. View full post

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