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Fun and easy advice how to care for type 4 natural hair.

Fashion styling tips for women over 30.

End Of Summer Casual Classy Outfits

10/18/2021 · Category: Fashion

I spent some time in Florida recently and the weather was beautiful. Surprisingly, there were a lot of miniature storms, but I was told later that it was pretty typical for Florida. Apparently, it’s normal to have a short thunderstorm in the middle of a perfectly sunny day. 

I packed light (one suitcase) and wanted to show you three outfits that were stylish and classy, yet complimented the warm weather. 

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Rules of No Butter No Oil | 30 Day Hair Detox

7/25/2021 · Category: Haircare

There’s been a huge uptick of videos on Youtube and social apps from creators ditching raw oils and butter on natural hair. The same oils and jars of butter are praised for giving so many amazing results for natural and relaxed hair care enthusiasts alike. 

I can honestly say, the thought of not coating my strands in my favorite butter and oil-rich products scared me. But before rejecting the method altogether, I sought to learn a little bit more about it and how it could possibly benefit my coily head of hair. View Full Post

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30 day hair detox

Camel Coats And Faux Leather For Fall

10/10/2021 · Category: Fashion

Has there ever been an outfit that a peacoat didn’t look good with? No seriously. Even with sweat pants and sneakers, a tailored peacoat makes anyone look put together.  Well, this Zara coat is certainly no exception. Camel is one of those classic fall colors that never go out of style and the great news is, so many retailers have various versions of them. You could go for a classic, simple cut like mine with cinching in the waist or try something new and modern. For example, embellished, over-exaggerated shoulders or an oversized menswear look. The options are bountiful and it’s hard to go wrong. View full post

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Mango & H&M Fall Haul and Lookbook

09/28/2021 · Category: Fashion

Fall is my favorite time of the year. The crisp weather, the leaves changing, and the fashion. In this video, I’ll be sharing my recent fall fashion purchases and styling them in stylish ways that are sure to bring you many compliments. I hope you enjoy this fashion haul.  View full post

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