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Pink admittedly is not my favorite color. At times it comes off as feeling a bit too young for my sensibility. But hot pink? Give it to me baby! Adding a pop of hot pink to an outfit adds a bit of fun to an otherwise predictable outfit. Hot pink screams “let’s go dancing!” or “Yeah I see you looking.” There’s something fun and confident about this shade of pink and I want to break down why this outfit works for women at any age.


magenta pop of color outfit

I purchased this top from Mango and it’s one of my favorite pieces I purchased this season. Yes, it’s pink, but it has a beautiful satin look and feel that matures the top. The fabric is also thick, double-lined on top, and durable, so you don’t have to worry about exposing your chest too much. It’s a spaghetti cross strap, so as it gets cooler, it’s best to wear a blazer or jacket that could keep you warm.

These pants aren’t actually leather. I purchased them from Missguided and they have this cool quilted look to them that makes them stand out from any typical pair of leather trousers. They’re also not skin-tight. This adds a level of sophistication to the outfit just as much as the long-line blazer does. Speaking of this blazer. It’s from Zara and I love that it doesn’t have a traditional lapel. That small detail turns the style factor up and gives my outfit a more youthful feel. The blazer gives me “drinks with friends after work” instead of “board meeting”.

  • Blazer | Zara
  • Top | Mango
  • Bottoms | Missguided
  • Shoes |Jessica Simpson
  • Handbag |Zara
  • Earrings |Personal Gift
  • Necklace |Unavailable
  • Hat | From Italy shop
black blazer and leather pants outfit
black fashion blogger over 30



I accessorized this look with a bold statement pearl necklace, compact jeweled handbag, black hat, and black mesh heels. The standout piece is the pearl necklace. I bought it for my wedding, actually. As you can see, it pairs very nicely with less formal attire as well. I bought it from a department store like Macy’s or something – I can’t quite remember which one. The point is, if your chest has a lot of exposure, put on a big and bold statement necklace to fill the space and draw the eye in. I purchased the handbag from a Zara in Italy and immediately fell in love. It has a knitted material in striped black and cream and on the front is a beaded flower pattern. I chose this one because the bag detail helps balance out the boldness of the necklace. Lastly black mesh and suede heels and a black hat.

How to wear statement necklaces



How to wear statement necklaces
Zara beaded blazer




Like I’ve said, hot pink is HOT. It’s for kids, teens, 30s, 50s, and beyond. Especially when you find the shade that works for you. Adding a pop of hot pink is a simple way to incorporate it into your outfit, so go off and have fun with it!

If this resonated with you, share it with your friends. Comment below and tell us if you’ll be incorporating hot pink into your wardrobe this season.

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