What is a wash-and-go? It is a hairstyle (kind of) that has been branded as one of the easiest hairstyles a person with natural hair can do. This is because the process is meant to be a few simple steps that anyone can do and it takes much less time than blow drying, straightening, braiding, or twisting natural hair. The process is in the name – wash (your hair) and go (on with your day). It is the top hairstyle curly textures can do that enhances their curls instead of hiding them. However, for people with fine and coily natural hair, the process can lead to a tangled, disheartening mess. The cry for help from many Type 4 naturals was met with expensive natural hair salon services and products not initially formulated for those with fine strands and coiler textures of hair. This attempt to create an “all hair types” solution is rarely met with complete satisfaction. Therefore there are many wash-and-go systems on the market today, but rarely are they formulated with fine coily hair in mind—until now.

van + veronica was created as an alternative to heavy, greasy products with overpowering fragrances. The Fine and Coily Collection was developed and formulated for – you guessed it – fine and coily hair. The line includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in, and Styler. Just four steps to achieve a wash and go and music to the ears of any who enjoys simplistic hair routines. Each product in the line is infused with the finest natural ingredients like Argan oil, Grapeseed oil, and Apricot oil. They also have humidity-blocking protection that keeps hair protected in any climate.

From the brand’s website:

“Experience gently cleansing and rich conditioning while locking in moisture and protecting delicate coils from high humidity.”

The line is also sulfate-free, silicone-free, and PH balanced. The brand’s owner Cece reached out to me to review the collection, and after seeing a possible solution to the woes of gathering a multitude of products from different brands (and praying for a great outcome), I said, sign me up!


light blue and white box with white tissue paper

van + veronica’s packaging is beautiful. It came in a white box with a sky-blue interior to match the four products inside. The bottles are sturdy, but have just enough flexibility to easily dispense the products. I tested the products for four weeks and I’ll explain my process for achieving a simple wash-and-go as well as my experience using the products.



woman washing natural hair

The cleansing process. I began on stretched hair and added a misting of water before continuing to detangle using a wide-toothed comb. I applied the Shampoo, starting with my roots, and used the pads of my fingers to rub my scalp to free it of any buildup. Then I smoothed the Coily Collection Shampoo down my hair shaft to cleanse my hair. It has an odorless smooth, gel-like texture that reminds me of a hybrid of liquified sea moss and flaxseed gel. It’s formulated to eliminate buildup and certainly felt like it. It was on par with any of my favorite clarifying shampoos to date. My hair felt free of products, buildup, and debris. It was ready to be conditioned!


hand holding van and Veronica light blue bottle

After shampooing, I immediately followed with the Conditioner, and just like the Shampoo, it is only scented with the ingredients infused into the formula. The softening ingredients include Argan oil, Apricot oil, and Grapeseed oil has a thick, smooth, creamy texture with an off-white coloring. This conditioner was a fantastic follow-up! Though it’s thick in texture, it has a lightweight feel once you put it on the hair, and I was able to gently detangle my hair with my wide-tooth comb. It has a beautiful softening effect.


sky blue bottle being held
sky blue bottle turned upside down with shampoo pouring out.

Once my hair was cleansed and hydrated, I followed up with the leave-in conditioner and styler. The website states:

“Our non-greasy leave-in conditioner moisturizes, detangles, and seals the cuticles of your delicate coils to lock in moisture while maintaining your hair’s proper pH balance for light, healthy, and moisturized coils. It also states that the styler is humidity resistant, moisturizes, defines, and maintains your hair’s proper PH balance.”

van + veronica leave in and styler comparison on 4c hair

The Styler has a loose gel-like consistency similar to the Shampoo, and the Leave-in is akin to the Conditioner. They have slightly runnier consistencies and glide on as nicely as the Shampoo and Conditioner. Both products also contain Argan, Grapeseed, and Apricot oils.

I applied the Leave-in to soaking wet hair (see the gif below) and layered the Styler on top. Admittedly, the combination took a few tries to get perfect results. A little goes a long way. Refrain from over-applying the products because it could lead to a white cast on the hair. If this happens all is not lost! Simply spritz your hair with a little water from a spray bottle and gently blot your hair with an anti-frizz towel or t-shirt.

When I wanted more definition to my coils, I used more gel and less leave-in. Alternatively, I used less styler and more leave-in when I wanted more softness. The photo example to the left shows that the products give a light to medium hold to curls and coils. The more styler your use, the more elongation, and definition your coils will have.

The left side of screen has more styler and less leave-in

The right  side of screen has more leave-in and less styler.


4c hair wash and go

I recommend this collection to anyone with fine curly, or coily hair. It’s for those who prefer fragrance-free products that let more of your natural texture shine. You can also reassured because it is free of Coconut oil and is infused with only non-toxic ingredients.  It gives a gentle hold and provides a stress-free experience for those who don’t enjoy the weight and grease of many other product lines. Though this line was created to achieve a wash-and-go, I recommend trying the leave-in on dry, stretched hairstyles as well. It gives an immediate silky-smooth softness to the hair that I really enjoy. With the Fine and Coily Collection you can enjoy simple, easy wash and gos for fine type 4 naturals. You can purchase the entire line on the Van + Veronica website today! Use the code VVLATOYA for 25% off and free shipping on any order.



4 light blue bottles
light blue and white box with white tissue paper


If this resonated with you, share it with your friends or on Pinterest. van + veronica is the newest brand for fine coily hair and the world should know!

Visit van + veronica’s website to learn more.

Disclaimer – this post was created in partnership with van + veronica. Although this review is sponsored, it contains my genuine recommendations and opinions. All information provided in this review, my websites, or any other content I create is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Please consult licensed professionals for proper guidance with any concerns you may have.

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