No oils or butter on natural hair? Watch the video above to find out what you need to know.

There’s been a huge uptick of videos on Youtube and social apps from creators ditching raw oils and butter on natural hair. The same oils and jars of butter that are praised for giving so many amazing results for natural and relaxed hair care enthusiasts alike. 

I can honestly say, the thought of not coating my strands in my favorite butter and oil-rich products scared me. But before rejecting the method altogether, I sought to learn a little bit more about it and how it could possibly benefit my coily head of hair. 


Who came up with this and why has it made such an impact in the haircare community? The creators of the 30 Day Hair Detox are the duo licensed hairstylists Aeleise and Ayesha of Black Girl Curls. They describe their philosophy as basic haircare and only use soundbites like “no oils, no butter” or the “30-day detox” to hook consumers in to learn more about their philosophy. 

It’s made such an impact because thousands of people have come forward and said it works! 

Oils and buttes have been a staple in the cabinets of black homes, so why ditch it now? The idea is that consistently layering heavy oils and butter on the hair can create a coating on the hair that makes it difficult for water to properly penetrate and moisturize the hair strands. Doing the 30 Day Detox will properly cleanse the hair so that a person can properly examine their hair and choose products that will truly help them reach their hair goals. It forces a person to “reset” and get to know their naked hair. It’s like creating a clean slate. 


Theoretically, anyone can try it. I think this detox method is most beneficial for those who have chronically dry hair, buildup, damaged hair, and scalp challenges. 


I’ve personally enrolled in their class and the first thing they say is, “there are no rules.” So let’s refer to these as “guidelines” to appease their wishes. Also, note – I’m just the messenger sharing the news.

No Raw Oils Or Butters on Your Hair

Oils and butter in raw form aren’t meant to be used on the hair alone. If they do, they are coating the hair. Instead of locking in moisture, they are keeping the moisture out. Raw oils and butter examples are shea butter, coconut oil, and castor oil.

No Oils or Butters in the First 5 Ingredients

When choosing hair care products that are expertly formulated, oils and butter should not be in the first 5 ingredients if they will truly hydrate the hair. Oils and butter can be in the formula, just not at the top of the ingredient list.

No Plasticizers

Plastic gels and silicone-filled products should also be avoided. This means no Eco Styler or Wetline gel, love – don’t shoot the messenger!

Leave the Leave-in Conditioners Out

You won’t be using leave-ins for the detox – unless they are a part of a botanical styling system like Kinky Curly Curly Custard and Knot Today.

Cleanse, Hydrate, Style

If there is any rule, it’s this. Properly cleanse the hair, hydrate with well-formulated conditioners, and style with botanical gels and mousses. 


Start with what you have in your cabinet that follows the basic guidelines above. These are the products I had. Note that I use Nizoral because I have a scalp condition called seborrheic dermatitis and this helps balance my scalp. The detox asks that you clarify your hair with a clarifying conditioner when needed. I’ll be clarifying next week when my package comes in the mail.




Check out the See Some Curls Website and sign up for their monthly teaching platform. In this course, you’ll find a library of videos and content that walk you through how to approach this detox and beyond.


Are Oils and Butters Bad?

No. In fact, our scalp naturally produces an oil called sebum. This oil is meant to coat the strands of the hair to protect it. Traditionally those with curly and coily hair will add oils to their hair because the sebum cannot easily travel down hair strands that curl and bend. This method doesn’t actually eliminate oils and butter completely because many of the products they recommend are formulated with oils and butter. 

Do You Have To Do This Forever?

No. The 30 Day Detox is meant to reset your hair routine and properly cleanse your hair. This gets consumers thinking critically about their hair, hair care practices, and use of products. However, many that try this detox continue making it apart of their lifestyle.

Will My Hair Break Off?

I don’t know. I’m currently embarking on this process myself so I will keep you updated, but there are lots of people online that swear by this method and will never turn back. 

Why Avoid oils and Butter in the First 5 Ingredients?

Ingredients are listed from largest percentage to smallest. That means that if the first ingredient is water or butter, it accounts for usually more than 50 percent of the product. 

What if I Don’t Like Wash and Gos

You can style your hair in braid-outs, twists-outs, and even blowouts. I’m still learning from the course, but I plan on attempting many of these styles on my Youtube channel. In fact, you can check out my first No Butter, No Oil wash and go below. I didn’t have the recommended products yet, so I used the products in my cabinet that followed the rules best.


I recently asked my Youtube community their thoughts on the 30 Day Detox and they had a lot to say!  Check out my community post with all the comments.


30 day detox 4c hair
30 day hair detox


If this resonated with you, share it with your friends! Comment below and tell me if you’ve tried this method and how it’s going for you. I’ll share my journey in the weeks to come and let me tell you – you don’t want to miss it! I’m spilling all the tea. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

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