My updated 4c wash day and moisturizing steps for my new natural hair care routine. After doing the 30 Day Hair Detox for nearly 2 months, I’ve decided to revamp my hair care regimen. I’ve added some new products and techniques and kept some oldies, but goodies.



Step 1

  • Begin on damp hair that has been cleansed and detangled. If the hair is dry, mist it with some water or take a shower with your hair uncovered to let the shower stream lightly hit your strands.

Note: Damp hair is optional. I prefer damp hair because with less water on the hair the products I apply have a better chance of penetrating the hair.

Step 2

  • In small to medium-sized sections apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner to the hair. I prefer the consistency of Kinky Curly Knot Today or Aloe Vera gel, but the product choice is up to you.

Step 3

  • Layer a small amount of a lightweight moisturizer on top until absorbed into the section of hair.
  • Twist each section and let air dry throughout the day.

In the past, I have “sealed” my hair with oil. However, since completing the 30 Day Hair Challenge I’ve discovered that the oil already present in the products I use may actually be enough. I’m still in the experimentation phase, so only time will tell if I continue skipping oil.

Raw oil isn’t inherently bad for your hair in my opinion. It lubricates each strand of hair so that it’s more pliable and gives a nice sheen to the hair. My favorite oils in the past were Jojoba oil and coconut oil.

My advice is to continuously evaluate your hair and how quickly it absorbs water when it’s time to wash it. If your hair begins to take longer than usual to get wet or you’ve been using lots of heavy products or oils, use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month or so. This will properly cleanse your hair to allow water to truly penetrate the hair.



twist out 4c hair
moisturized type 4 hair


My haircare will continue to evolve as I gain more knowledge and experiment. It will continue to change with age and so should my routine. My advice? Enjoy the process and stay flexible and open-minded.

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