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covid-19 experience

I Tested Positive For Coronavirus. This is My Experience.

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Some of you may be aware that I tested positive for Covid-19. Coronavirus is a very new, highly contagious, and tricky virus. Many people are asymptomatic, and others like myself show signs and symptoms. I’m a healthy person, thankfully, and I did everything in my power to prevent getting it. I washed my hands, wore a mask everywhere, and social distanced — Yet, I still contracted it.

Today I’m sharing my experience with covid-19, my symptoms, and natural remedies I took to feel better. I always recommend contacting your doctor if you feel you are infected. It can affect people in a myriad of ways, so my experience may be completely different from someone else. Also follow the guidelines of the CDC. I truly believe if we work together we can beat this virus!


Thank you to everyone that reached out to me to wish me well. I feel blessed to have a community that cares about my family’s well being.

This video is not meant to scare you, replace medical advice, or diagnosis. Please consult your doctor if you suspect you are infected with covid-19. Continue to follow guidelines outlined by the  CDC.

Some ingredients in my homemade drink that helped:

  • Oil of Oregano
  • Vitamin D
  • Echinacea
  • Elderberry
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Zinc
  • 1 Gallon of water a day




covid-19 experience


Protect yourself, your family, and your community. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and social distance. It’s not a fool proof solution, but it lowers your chances significantly.

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social media is ruining your hair

Social Media Is Ruining Your Hair

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Hair comparison in the natural hair community can derail hair goals as soon as they are dreamt up.
Hair texture, pattern, and hairstyle goals can drive a person who doesn’t know any better nuts! Glorification of certain hair types, “thickness”, and length are probably some of the biggest culprits blocking you from reaching your hair goals.

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How to avoid heat damage on natural hair

How To Avoid Heat Damage on Natural Hair | The Science

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The use of heat in haircare has many benefits such as helping to infuse moisture, styling the hair, and creating manageability to just about any hair type. There are many popular tools to help as well. Flat irons, blow dryers, sit-under dryers, hot combs, and hair steamers are used weekly in hair routines for various reasons. As wonderful as heat use can be, beware! There can also irreversible damage that comes along with improper or prolonged heat use. The video above answers these popular questions like, what happens when I apply heat to my hair (the science)?

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boy toddler curly hair routine

Toddler’s Easy Curly Hair Routine

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I won’t lie, doing my son’s hair has been a bit of a learning curve. Not only does he have a different texture than I do, he literally doesn’t have the capacity to take care of his hair in between styling. That means he doesn’t wear bonnets are night (I need to get him a satin pillow case) and his hair stays perpetually dry. I have to refresh his hair with water and moisturizer DAILY. Keeping up with your child’s hair is a job in itself, so I like to keep hair kid’s hair routines ultra simple and easy.

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failed 4c wash n go

7 Day Wash and Go Routine Fail

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A week in my natural hair wash and go routine on type 4 hair. I’m no expert on wash n gos. For most of my natural hair journey I avoided doing wash and goes for two reasons: shrinkage and tangles. Over the years I have grown to love my shrinkage, but my curiosity over whether wash and goes increase single strand knots has grown. Also, are wash n gos a practical low manipulation hairstyle that I can easily incorporate into anyones life?

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relaxed type 4 hair

The Reasons I Texturized My Natural Hair in 2015

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As a woman that loves my 4c hair, why did I texturize or relax my hair? The temptation to relax natural hair to cut down on styling and detangling time can be really strong. So strong a person is willing to douse their hair with sodium hydroxide (relaxer) in order to achieve a looser curl pattern. This looser curl pattern, in theory, will cut down on detangling time and improve the quality of life as a result.

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Anthony Dickey wash n go on 4c hair

Anthony Dickey Wash and Go on 4c Hair

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This video teaches step-by-step the Anthony Dickey Wash and Go Method on type 4c hair.  This has been the easiest “YouTube” wash and go I have done so far. This is my third attempt and after my last one, I almost threw in the towel.  My wash and gos have gone from clueless, to complicated, and now finally simple and easy. 

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