I won’t lie, doing my son’s hair has been a bit of a learning curve. Not only does he have a different curl pattern than I do, he doesn’t have the capacity to take care of his hair in between styling. That means he doesn’t wear bonnets at night (I need to get him a satin pillow case) and his hair stays perpetually dry. I have to refresh his hair with water and moisturizer DAILY.  Keeping up with your child’s hair is a job in itself, so I like to keep my child’s routine ultra simple and easy.


I know parents are busy, so I don’t want to make this long and drawn out. Here are my tips in bullet points:

  • Try not to style natural hair dry–unless it’s straight. It’s painful.
  • Use a cup and fill with water to wet your child’s hair OR use a detachable shower head.
  • Use tear-free shampoo, if you can.
  • Apply conditioner before removing knots and tangles.
  • Detangle with your fingers, it’s gentler.
  • Distract your child with toys, games, or snacks when styling the hair.
  • Apple a leave-in conditioner and layer a jelly on top to get curl definition.
  • Keep a spray bottle nearby to keep hair moist.
  • Use a swivel chair to make positioning your child’s head easier during styling.
  • Be patient and slow down.



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mom and son type 4 hair
boy toddler curly hair routine


Whether you have kids of not, I think there were some helpful ideas in this video. Feel free to share with your friends that have children of their own. You never know who might need some extra tips.

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  • Venita says:

    How often do you wash? Do you refresh with oil and water every morning? I refresh with water and coconut oil in the mornings but I notice my toddler’s hair looks dry as the day goes on. I usually just leave it rather than heap more product on. Would remisting be better?

    • LaToya Ebony says:

      I try to wash his hair once a week, but sometimes it slips to two. My son’s hair gets dry as the day goes on too. He also rubs it into his pillows etc…I alternate between misting and applying more product. I definitely apply more product most days. Try both and see which on your toddler’s hair likes better.

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