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This Yellow Ain’t So Mellow

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You may not know this, but yellow is one of my favorite colors to wear. It’s vibrant, beautiful, and looks great against my complexion. I hate that so many of us stop wearing it for Fall. Of course, traditionally the deep mustard yellows come out to play this time of year, but why not incorporate a spring yellow here and there?

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4C Top Knot Bun WITHOUT The Sock

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To create this top knot bun, it’s best to begin with dry, slightly stretched out hair. Styling my hair dry allows me to see more length in the finished hairstyle.



Step 1

  • Detangle hair as much as you can without breakage.
  • Use a spray bottle filled with water, and spray perimeter of hair (edges) and leave the center dry.
  • Apply a gel on top of the wet parts of the hair.

Step 2

Step 3

  • From the center of ponytail, separate a chunk of loose hair.
  • Two strand twist the chunk of hair and fold it back onto itself and pin it.
  • Doing this should create a mini bun in the center of the ponytail.

Step 4

  • With the remaining hair surrounding the mini bun, stretch and pin small pieces  over and across the bun to create more volume. Do this until you have a bun.

Alternatively, you may want to use a donut bun to create more fullness.

Step 5 (optional)

  • Appy gel to your front hairline and style your edges.
  • Place and tie a scarf around your edges to flaten and set the design.

Wait 10 to 20 mintues to allow the style to set before removing the scarf.


Step 1

  • Use a bundle of clip in extensions and layer at least two tracks on top of one another for thickness.
  • Braid each set together with multiple large braids per track.

Step 2

  • Flip tracks upside down and wrap them around the base of the ponytail.
  • Clip or pin wefts in place.

Step 3

  • Fold, cross, and lay braids across top knot bun until the real bun is no longer visible, and it appears completely braided.
  • Use bobby pins to secure the faux braids in place.

And that completes style number two! Feel free to add decorative hair jewely and accessories to the bun to express your unique style.



lips •  NYX |eyes •  City Color | foundation •  MAC Cosmetics | brows •  E.L.F | mascara • Clinique


This style is quick and very easy to do. Perfect for work, events, and the holiday season. I’m also in the process of putting together some holiday hair and fashion content. I’m very excited to share my ideas with you!

Check my Youtube natural hairstyles playlist for more tutorials. I’ve also got a Youtube tab here on the navigation bar at the top of this page where you can see all of my videos that upload every Thursday. Subscribe to my newsletter, so you don’t miss any of my content. See ya in your inbox soon!

I Broke an Old Fashion Rule

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Old Fashion Rules are Dead

Five years ago, I would have only paired this sheer, dressy, polkadot blouse with trousers. Or – dress pants. My “dressy” clothes could only date other dressy clothes, because anything else just wouldnt’ look right. Ha! How prejudice of me.

Seriously, though, I thought that way. To be fair, it’s really reminsce of old rules. Fashion “rules” like, brown and black don’t match, never mix silver and gold, and always wear dress shoes with dresses. Well, today, fashion rules are kind of a thing of the past. We wear whatever we want and I think the mix of so many eras of fashion in our stores today is a reflection of that.

So here’s my baby step in that direction. And guess what? It looks pretty damn good!



Top : Zara | Jeans : Forever 21 | Shoes : Nine West | Hat : Thrifted | Bracelet : Tiffany’s | Purse : Zara



If this resonated with you, share it with your girlfriends. Comment below and tell us what fashion rules YOU love to break. Also, check out my post, How To Add Patterns and Prints to Your Wardrobe.


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Rihanna Iconic Makeup Look | Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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lips:   NYX • NYX • NYX • Buxum || eyes • NYX baseNYX eyeshadowNYX contourUltimate eyelinerMac eyeshadowMac eyeshadowMac eyeshadowClinique mascaraMac Fix + || cheeks:  NYX palette  • Mac blush || foundation:  SmashboxBenefitMac PowderNYX correctorMac concealerCity Color Palette || brows:  E.L.F


This is part one of a three-part Halloween series. I don’t normally do celebrity makeup looks, but Riri constantly inspires me with her amazing fashion sense and flawless makeup. She is an Icon.

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My New Favorite Converse

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I’ve fallen in love, and this time, it’s with a sneaker. The Comme des Garcon and Converse collaboration has been around 2009, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere.  I’m late to the party, but I don’t care.  They’re cute, comfy, and give me a little hint of high fashion. I’ve paired it with some black high waisted leggings, a tank top, a scarf, and my favorite distressed denim jacket. Casual and killin’ it.

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Postpartum Athleisure

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I’m just gonna say it. “Athleisure”, THANK GOD it’s trending. There are so many cute and comfy options to choose from now. As a new mom, I’m so grateful. Clothes like these are flexible, can get beat up, wash easily, and are simple to put together. The past few months I’ve been LIVING in tank tops and leggings.  It’s such a blessing to be able to step outside of the house wearing the same thing, and not feel like a slob. All I needed was to layer some cute necklaces, fix my top knot bun, and head out.

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I Got Married and Had a Baby in the Same Year

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I guess the best place to start is where we left off.  I was in a great relationship, posting outfit ideas, and blogging about how to dress my athletic endo-mesomorph body.  I had my year completely planned out. Everything I wanted to do with this blog, my Youtube channel, and my acting career.

I was ready. Then something even more exciting happened – I got engaged! My husband and I immediately began planning our elopement.

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Instagram Baddie Breakdown Vol. 1

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I recently posted this image on instagram of me having a full out concert in my room with a full face of makeup.  Bright eyeshadow has had an interesing history with women of color in this modern age. It’s thought by many to be clown-ish and unwearable, though many of  us would like to be more adventurous and playful with our makeup.

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