Testing the Anthony Dickey wash and go method as a working mom. Can it really be done daily? Would I do it daily?

Recently I got a one on one private lesson via Zoom from the King of Wash and Gos himself. I got amazing results, but today I’m testing it out to see if I could actually do his wash and go daily on my 4c hair…while being a busy, working parent.


It works

  • If you’re dreading the detangling process of a wash and go, trust me, it gets easier.
  • Doing a wash and go daily perpetually leaves your hair detangled and hydrated. Ideally, it should never get dry or tangled enough to cause a problem.
  • Many have left comments on how it grew their hair like crazy. I believe them. Lack of hydration is a big concern for many with natural hair and this technique keeps your strands very hydrated. Hydration typically leads to less breakage.

It’s possible

  • You can do it, you’d just have to decide if you want to.
  • For me, I’ve decided it’s best to have stints of time when I’m willing to do this for a week or two. Afterwards I’d take a break before doing it again.

It’s costly

  • I only got two uses out of the Hair Rules moisturizerTWO uses. If I did this daily, I’d definitely need to set aside a budget and find a few alternative products.
  • The Hair Rules line is fantastic, but it’s definitely not “cheap” in most circles. Anthony mentioned using his line on wash days and finding cheaper alternatives for daily washes if need be.

It takes organization

  • If you’re busy you should definitely take a few minutes to plan out your day.
  • It took me 45 minutes to complete the wash and go, but my hair was still about 50% wet. I’d need a full hour to complete the process.
  • If you plan your schedule and stick to it, this can definitely work!

Drying time is a thing

  • I have low porosity hair that takes days to dry if too much product is applied.
  • I recommend getting a sit under dryer so that you can relax or multi-task while drying your hair. Or you can use a blowdryer with a diffuser attachment.
  • Air drying is possible, but I’d recommend it for warmer months.



daily wash and go 4c hair
diffuser 4c hair


Tell me the truth, would you do this everyday? Leave a comment and some tips if you would or tell us why you wouldn’t.

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