In this video, I compare finger detangling to detangling with the EZ Detangler and Curltastic Wonderbrush dupes. These are the newest detangling brushes on the market geared toward hair type 2b – 4c hair. Get this — they look exactly the same! Exactly. *kermit sip*

I have been bombarded by marketing campaigns on Instagram for this hair brush. This brush is everywhere! Multiple companies claim the same brush design and all of them state this brush is the best at detangling type 4 hair.

I normally finger detangle, but I couldn’t help myself so I purchased a dupe from Amazon to try. Between my fingers and this brush — which one leads to less breakage and shedding?


ez detangler brush

My theory when it comes to finger detangling is; it’s gentler on the hair and therefore causes less breakage. I’ve been finger detangling my dense 4c hair for about five years straight and I haven’t looked back until now.

Let me introduce the brush that has everyone talking these days: The EZ Detangler Brush. I want to be clear that I didn’t buy this exact brush, but I did buy one from Amazon that is a dead ringer for it. I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, so I admittedly wanted to save a few dollars before getting the “real deal”.

ez detangler brush design isn't original

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t feel guilty about going to Amazon instead because it seems this company most likely is ordering from the same manufacturer of the instagram brand Curstastic and hundreds of others listed that have the same design. From my perspective, it seems to be a slight variation of Felicia Leatherwood’s brush launched years ago.

hair detangler brushes



finger detangle or detangler brush


The design

I like that there’s flexibility in the paddle and the handle is comfortable to hold and sturdy.  Of all the brushes I’ve used, these teeth snag the least and is just as thorough. The design of the brush is marketed to be used for blow drying as well, and I think it may be useful when I want to enjoy straighter styles.


The ease of cleaning this device is bar none to any brush I’ve used. All you have to do is grab the hair out, wash, and let air dry. It’s the most sanitary of brushes I’ve tried.


shed hair in detangler brush


The bar that holds the brush together kept coming off and I eventually had to use my finger to hold it down. Without the bar, the flexibility of the teeth was too great and I couldn’t get the brush through my dense coily strands. I attempted to comb it vertically, but I had an even harder time.

I think had my hair been completely saturated with water and conditioner, I would have had more success. However, my goal was to use the brush in a way that the general consumer would. Not many people are willing to sit in their bedroom with sopping wet hair full of half a bottle of conditioner. On the contrary, if I had detangled in the shower, having a ton of conditioner on my head may have made more sense.

Finger detangling

My fingers get through my hair much faster with less hassle. Time is high on my priority list, and though it may not be as thorough at removing shed hair, it’s gentler.  I’ve used my fingers for the last five years with much success and no unnecessary breakage.

type 4 hair shedding


shed hair with detangler brushes
4c shed hair


If you’re inclined to use brushes, this one is a good one, but I’d personally prefer one with a little more sturdiness in the bristles. Perhaps Felicia Leatherwood’s brush deserves a try? Let me know if you’d like to see that!

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  • Andrea HUDSON says:

    I have a Belanger brush also and I get the same results. My hair is like yours, I’ve tried the curling gel, but I didn’t do it like you did it so ill try it your yaw and see the results. My hair is low porosity. What is yours? My hair sheds I think more even when I touch it all day. I oil it in the morning with water and oil put a hair band on and this it. Can you give me some
    pointers on what I’m doing wrong or how to better do my hair?

    • LaToya Ebony says:

      I have low porosity hair as well. It’s normal for hair to shed. Mine sheds more when I touch it throughout the day too. We loose up to 100 hair A DAY! Crazy, right? If it’s not excessive and you don’t have bald spots you’re probably okay. I’ve noticed my hair sheds more the older I get.

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