This video teaches step by step on how to get a perfect twist out on type 4 hair. 

I have 4c hair and one of my favorite low manipulation hairstyles are twist outs. It’s kind of a two-for-one hairstyle. You can enjoy your twists for a period of time and right before it’s time to wash your hair, you can unravel the twists and have a beautifully defined twist out. 

Twist outs are so easy and simple to do. If you follow my technique, you’ll have a fail-proof twist out that will give you LYYYFE everyone! 



finger detangle 4c hair

 Step 1

  • First begin with wet hair. Apply your favorite leave-in conditioner and finger detangle.
  • Detangling is a step I prefer to do in the shower, but there are plenty of times I have to detangle outside of the shower. The most important thing is to make sure you’re using a leave in conditioner with a lot of slip to help you with the process.

Step 2

This step will vary.

If you’d like an undefined fluffy twist out:

  • Layer your favorite moisturizer on top of the leave in conditioner.
  • Finger part and twist hair in medium sized sections.

For a defined twist out:

  • Finger part and twist hair in medium sized sections. Do not add extra product at this stage.

I have low porosity hair and it dries painstakingly slow, so I prefer to hold off on any other products until my hair dries. If you’re in need of a finger detangling tutorial I’ll be sure to link the video at the bottom of this post.

wet twist out type 4 hair

Step 3


  • Trim your hair if needed.
  • I don’t know about you, but unraveling twists after a trim is so satisfying! If you’re suffering from the ends of your hair snagging while unraveling your twists, it could be time for a trim ladies and gentlemen.
  • There are multiple way to trim natural hair. This time I chose to trim while my hair is twisted.

Step 4

  • Unravel your twists then fluff and go if you’d like an undefined twist out.
  • For a defined twist out continue to step number five.

Step 5

  • Dampen your hair with water. Use a spray bottle containing water if it helps.
  • Layer on a moisturizer.
  • Layer on an oil.
  • If you notice that your hair is still white, smooth your strands until the product is fully absorbed. The white color should go away as long as you’re not being too heavy handed with the product.

This process follows the LCO (liquid, cream, then oil) application process. Feel free to use the moisturizer and oil of your choice, but I’ve listed some of my favorite moisturizers and oils for my type 4 hair at the beginning of this post. This process keeps your hair moisturized for much longer. Check out my hair moisturizing process video linked below.

twist out on dry 4c hair

Step 6

  • Two-strand twist your hair.
  • It’s best to use small to medium sized sections that are slightly damp and detangled well.
  • When twisting, pull the hair taught and make sure you’re not borrowing from each section to complete the twists. Both of the two sections should be equal and long enough to get to the end of the twist.
  • If you steal hair from either side during the twisting process, the hair will probably snag when unraveling and you’ll lose definition. 
  • The more twists you do, typically the fuller and more voluminous your hair will turn out.

I made the front sections smaller than the back because my hair is finer, shorter, less dense in the front, and I wanted to make sure to catch all of my edges.  Also if you’re looking for more length, twisting on stretched almost dry hair is an alternative to adding heat.

mini twists type 4 hair

And the twists are done!

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but twists are my favorite low manipulation hairstyle. Someday – not today – I will get locs. Now don’t go trying to pressure me in the comments to get them! I’m planning on getting them when I go completely gray. I just love how versatile these twists are!

twist out takedown 4c hair

I waited a week and a half before unraveling my twists. You don’t have to wait this long at all. I just really wanted to enjoy the twists. I have a whole video on how to keep low manipulation and protective styles moisturized and the video will be below.

In the video above, you’ll notice how easy it is to unravel these twists. That’s because I’ve trimmed my ends and I haven’t borrowed hair from either section. I’m telling you, that’s the key! Shoutout to Type 4 hair for being so good at giving my hair Zoe life! If you’re new, my hair’s name is Zoe. Is that weird? Yes. Do I care? Nope. Me and Zoe are going sit back and enjoy these amazing results.

4c defined twist out


twist out on 4c hair
perfect twist out 4c hair



Give this hairstyle a try and share it on social. Comment below and tell us, which  style was your favorite? I personally love the definition 🥰.

Check my Youtube natural hairstyles playlist for more tutorials. I’ve also got a youtube tab here on the navigation bar at the top of this page where you can see all of my videos that upload every Monday and Thursday. Subscribe to my newsletter, so you don’t miss any of my content. See ya in your inbox soon!

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  • Kristi says:

    Thanks for this detailed post! Two strand twists / twist- outs are my go to for my 3c/4a hair, but recently they’ve been feeling crunchy, fuzzy and tangled on the ends. I just trimmed my ends and the twist-pop back is so satisfying!

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