How to keep type 4 hair moisturized all week? That is the biggest question for many naturals to date. The best technique for me has been layering products and keeping it simple. As of this video, I was using the LOC method to moisturize my hair. Meaning, in a previous step, during my wash routine, I applied a leave-in and oil before this cream application step. The LOC method stands for leave-in conditioner, oil, cream and this is the order recommended to apply products to the hair for maximum moisture retention. For the past 10 years this method has worked for me, but I feel like experimenting to see if another technique or group of products will help me reach longer hair length goals faster. Again, this routine has worked for the past 10 years – even after my last big chop 4 1/2 years ago. But what’s the harm in exploring? I take your suggestions seriously, so I’ll be sure to keep you updated on any hair regimen changes that I do in the future. I’ve already began. 🙂


dry 4c hair
How to keep type 4 hair moisturized all week


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