natural hair travel tipshaircare
October 2, 2020

How To Travel With Natural Hair

Natural hair can sometimes come with challenges when traveling. The truth of the matter is, most naturals need a decent amount of product to maintain some of the loose hairstyles we love. With TSA guidelines and road trip mishaps, how do make it safely to our destination with the tools and products we need to look our best? This video explores some easy to implement traveling tips and tricks for those of us rocking our natural dos on vacation.
I tried hair grease on 4c hair after 15 yearshaircare
September 28, 2020

I FINALLY Tried Hair Grease After 15 Years Of Avoiding It

Blue Magic is one of those childhood staple products that I don’t think I could ever forget. I remember sitting between my mother’s legs to get my hair done while she greased my scalp. I remember there were two blue magic jars – the blue one and later on we switched to the white one. Well today I found the blue one and am trying it in a completely different way than I did growing up. Instead of applying it to my scalp, I’m applying it to my hair strands. My goal is to find out if grease can be…
is having 4 c hair a competitionhaircare
August 27, 2020

Is Having 4 C Hair A Competition?

Is 4 c hair a competition? This video explores the many arguments and point of views around this debate in the natural hair community. Some of the topics explored are: Are people in the natural hair community competing to see who is more 4c? Who is more natural? Is the hair typing chart really necessary? What’s the coil diameter of 4c? Being shamed for incorrectly defining your hair as 4c
EZ Detangler vs Felicia Leatherwood Brush on 4c Hairhaircare
August 24, 2020

EZ Detangler vs Felicia Leatherwood Brush on 4c Hair

In this video I’ll be comparing the EZ detangler brush with Felicia Leatherwood’s new 2.0 detangling brush released earlier this month. There are two main criticisms of YouTubers reviewing the EZ detangler brush. The first is the positioning of the brush; The website states for thicker hair types you should begin vertically, then horizontally to release tangles. Many creators weren't beginning vertically. The second is the hair must be completely saturated with conditioner and water before beginning. Many creators (including myself) did not saturate their hair. Today I have done both. I’ll be comparing each detangling brush on performance and…
type 4 hair wash schedulehaircare
August 18, 2020

Type 4 Hair Wash Routine and Schedule

So you've got all the pieces to the puzzle; wash, condition, deep condition, moisturize, and trim...but how do you put those pieces together - and in what order?! Hair routines don't have to be overly complicated. In this video I will share with you a hair routine for type 4 hair that makes it all make sense.
How To Get the Perfect Twist Outhaircare
August 13, 2020

How To Get The Perfect Twist Out On Type 4 Hair

This video teaches step by step on how to get a perfect twist out on type 4 hair.  I have 4c hair and one of my favorite low manipulation hairstyles are twist outs. It’s kind of a two-for-one hairstyle. You can enjoy your twists for a period of time and right before it’s time to wash your hair, you can unravel the twists and have a beautifully defined twist out.  Twist outs are so easy and simple to do. If you follow my technique, you’ll have a fail-proof twist out that will give you LYYYFE Kings and Queens. 
quick office hairstyles with mini twistshaircare
August 8, 2020

Five Minute Work Office Hairstyles To Do With Mini Twists

This is the perfect tutorial for someone constantly in a rush to get to the office or web meeting. My hair has been previously twisted in mini twists, but all of the styles displayed can be done on loose hair or locs.
social media is ruining your hairhaircare
July 16, 2020

Social Media Is Ruining Your Hair

Hair comparison in the natural hair community can derail hair goals as soon as they are dreamt up. Hair texture, pattern, and hairstyle goals can drive a person who doesn’t know any better nuts! Glorification of certain hair types, “thickness”, and length are probably some of the biggest culprits blocking you from reaching your hair goals.
ez detangler brush review 4c hairhaircare
July 14, 2020

Hair Breakage with Detangling Brushes vs Finger Detangling

In this video, I compare finger detangling to detangling with the EZ Detangler and Curltastic Wonderbrush dupes. These are the newest detangling brushes on the market geared toward hair type 2b - 4c hair. Get this -- they look exactly the same! Exactly. *kermit sip*
How to avoid heat damage on natural hairhaircare
July 6, 2020

How To Avoid Heat Damage on Natural Hair | The Science

The use of heat in haircare has many benefits such as helping to infuse moisture, styling the hair, and creating manageability to just about any hair type. There are many popular tools to help as well. Flat irons, blow dryers, sit-under dryers, hot combs, and hair steamers are used weekly in hair routines for various reasons. As wonderful as heat use can be, beware! There can also irreversible damage that comes along with improper or prolonged heat use. The video above answers these popular questions like, what happens when I apply heat to my hair (the science)?