is natural hair hard to manage?

Is Natural Hair Really That Hard To Manage?

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It’s common to hear that type 4 hair is hard to manage. Complaints about shrinkage, detangling time, lack of curls, unruliness, and its unattractive look are almost “facts” in the natural hair community. Natural hair in conversation typically comes with a list of pros and cons in relation to chemically treated hair.
Don’t get me wrong, venting from time to time is valid – we all get frustrated.  However, the idea that type 4 hair is hard to manage as a rule? We should think long and hard about that.

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easy wash day routine 4c hair

Easiest Wash Day Routine For Type 4 Hair

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This is a simple, easy, and effective hair wash routine for hair types 4c 4b and 4a. I don’t know about you, but when I first went natural, I did the absolute MOST on wash days. Sat under dryers, steamers, hot oil treatments weekly, blow dryers, aloe vera juice, oil concoctions – ANYTHING I saw other naturals do that claimed to promote hair growth. As my life got busier and more complex, I couldn’t afford to spend hours weekly on my hair routine, so I simplified it. I thought my hair would suffer, but surprisingly, it didn’t. Here’s my updated SUPER SIMPLE wash day routine.

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how to fix a failed natural hairstyle

Fix A Failed Natural Hairstyle FAST

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How do you fix a failed natural hairstyle? Most of us have been there. We’ve spent HOURS  on a bantu knot out, braid out, twist out, or a wash ‘n go only to be met with disappointment. A failed hairstyle in the natural hair community is so common. That’s why I’ve perfected how to fix failed hairstyle. I hope you enjoy watching how I’ve transformed this fail into a beautiful special occasion updo.

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I Copied A Cartoon’s Hairstyle – Hair Love Short Film Reaction

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I didn’t grow up with a father, so I find myself particularly touched emotionally when I see stories that depict healthy father-daughter relationships.

In response to the 2020 Oscar winning short film, Hair Love, I chose to recreate the faux hawk hairstyle in the film. Hair Love is an animated film about an African American father trying to do his daughter’s hair for the first time. The film was created by Mathew A. Cherry.

This Get Ready With Me (GRWM) video shares my reaction to the film while doing my hair and sharing my personal experience growing up without a father. This film is FANTASTIC and well deserving for the 2020 Oscar.

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natural hair twist out

Post Pregnancy Hair Struggle

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Ya’ll it’s been a JOURNEY loving my hair. I’ve been relaxed, natural, texturized, and back to natural. Today I wouldn’t trade my texture of hair for anyone else’s. I’m proud of it and I love it.

Detangling: Wetting, Combing, applying product, and twisting. They are normal everyday ordinary things that most people do on a daily basis.

The key for me was a shift in emotion and mindset.

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