It’s common to hear that type 4 hair is hard to manage. Complaints about shrinkage, detangling time, lack of curls, unruliness, and its unattractive look are almost “facts” in the natural hair community. Natural hair in conversation typically comes with a list of pros and cons in relation to chemically treated hair.

I’m no stranger to these thoughts myself. I made a whole video before texturizing my hair in 2015 that was titled “I’m tired of my natural hair.”

Don’t get me wrong, venting from time to time is valid – we all get frustrated.  However, the idea that type 4 hair is hard to manage as a rule? I had to think long and hard about that.


There’s a lot of noise in the black haircare community that says type 4 hair (4c hair in particular) is hard to manage. Type 4 hair is the most hated, yet most common hair type among people of African descent. Why is that?

When I first big chopped in 2010 I watched video upon video hoping to see someone showing the hair type I saw staring back at me in the mirror. After big chopping, I waited for my “curls” to pop as I tried numerous products that claimed to make it happen. Tried my best to slick down my edges, and to keep my hair from shrinking. I even texturized my hair looking for a looser texture that would be “less time consuming” only to find out, texturized hair was even MORE time consuming! I hated it.

Today, I’m proud to say I love and ACCEPT my hair. True acceptance doesn’t look at the things I listed above as “CONS” to having natural hair. Think about that. Those things are the reality of having healthy natural hair, not the negatives in comparison to having chemically straighten hair.

Can you believe it took my 10 YEARS to realize that the way I think today is true acceptance?! I love our hair and I want to say to you – Hold your head up high, and ROCK YOUR HAIR WITH PRIDE! 👑 

STOP Saying Type 4 Hair is HARD TO MANAGE


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