Staying motivated to go to the gym anytime past March of a new year is one of the most common struggles amongst those of us on a fitness journey. Trust me, there are many times when I don’t feel like getting out of bed and I have to force myself to get moving or I’ll simply fall back asleep.

Keeping this in mind, I began to reflect on the simple things I do that keep me motivated and in the game so that I can see results as quickly as possible. Besides watching tons of motivational fitness videos on YouTube or scrolling through Instagram, there are a few tools I use that keep my head in the game.


Apple Watch

I won’t leave home without it. I never was a watch wearer, but this watch is so comfortable, I got used to it quickly. It tracks my calories burned, my steps, my heart rate, distance ran, and I can answer phone calls and text messages on it. This thing is a dream come true and I’m so happy I purchased it. Many of the watch compatible apps sync my workout results to my iPhone, allowing me to easily keep track of my progress. I LOVE THIS WATCH!!

Powerbeats Earphones

I’m not going to lie. If I have to workout alone and I don’t have good music that keeps me pumped, I’ll end up leaving the gym early. Music is essential in my workout, so I value my Beats earphones. They are sweat resistant, last for 12 hours, and stay in my ears no matter what. The base quality is amazing for the average listener and when I play the right music, it makes me pump out an extra set. It also connects wirelessly with my Apple Watch, so I don’t have to have my phone nearby.


I’ve drank smoothies for a few years now and I can’t rave more about them. I typically have them in the morning since I mix in a good amount of fruit. Fruit contains natural sugars, so I like to leave time to burn it off throughout the day. I typically put it in a big mason jar and drink half for breakfast and the other half as a part of my lunch. You can buy pre-packed smoothies to throw in the blender or make your own with ziplock bags. Try my vegan protein smoothie here.


I am a foodie at heart and, for me, that means I tend to overeat. Portioning out my meals ahead of time keeps my portion sizes appropriate so I don’t binge eat my weight in food. Seriously, the fact that the Tupperware looks full of food tricks my mind into eating less and I feel satisfied without feeling weighted down. It also helps my meal prep so I can prepare healthy food ahead of time. This is very helpful when I’m in a rush.

Lose it! App

This app must be God sent! You put your weightloss (or gain) goals in your profile and the app calculates how many calories you should eat per day to reach your target goal date. You can log your meals and it calculates how many calories you have consumed and how many you have left to eat for the day. It syncs with my Apple Watch, allotting more calories if I burn any throughout the day. The best part is the ability to scan barcodes when I am on the go and need to log a quick pre-packaged snack.

Attractive Workout Gear (Adore Me)

Psychology is real. The more attractive I feel at the gym, the harder I work, the longer I stay, and the better I feel. Dressing the part of a “fitness goddess” puts me in character and pushes me past previous limits. I take a lot of group fitness classes at a co-ed gym, so looking good definitely has it’s perks.


Staying on track can be tough, but I hope these tips and products help you on your fitness journey. They sure help me. Good luck!

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