Welp, ladies and gentlemen it happened. This quarantine has officially KILLED my diet and exercise routine. Since the Safer at Home Act, no-one has been able to go to the gym and I’ve not been able to stop overeating. I had a healthy run in the beginning of February and March – I even made a productivity video! But once the safer at home act was announced, I broke all the way down…literally. I injured my knee from working out and it created a domino effect with my diet. All downhill from there. I forgive myself, but I miss my healthy fitness routine. My mesomorph body type can’t really hang with sitting around on the couch. Crossing my fingers for a better outcome next fitness weight loss update. Thanks for the support as always. Enjoy this fun and light hearted video about the past two months and my downfall. I hope you get a chuckle or two.

athletic body female
quarantine body weight gain


If this resonated with you or made you laugh, share it with your friends. Comment below and tell us, how your fitness routine is coming along. Maybe even drop a tip or two. I clearly need it 🙂

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