I remember standing on a train platform in Chicago on the last day of having a nine to five in that city. I had a big Afro matched with big ambition.  I moved into a tiny Los Angeles apartment that felt like a shoebox with a bathroom attached. I literally slept in the same room as my stove. 

I made Youtube videos about my hair and worked part time as a makeup artist.  But I didn’t care,  because I was going to be on TV. I had just shot my first television episodes as a guest star on a hit Soap Opera and I had a feeling more good things would come. And they did. Not only did I continue to find success as an actress, I found my husband and had a beautiful baby boy.

I know these stories normally end with some extraordinary thing like me standing on stage receiving an Oscar or a Tony or giving a world renowned motivational speech. But this is the story of the beginning. A continuation of my journey doing an ordinary thing every single day that helps guide me to a better version of myself than yesterday. Ordinary things I do in marriage, motherhood, finances, career, self care, and the mistakes I make; They all play a part becoming the woman I am growing into. 

It only takes doing an ordinary thing daily to create an extraordinary life. Extra ordinary. I don’t know exactly what’s in my future, but I invite you to join me as I candidly share the digital scrapbook of my life, my loves, and my failures. My name is LaToya Ebony, and hey, I’m just doing an ordinary thing. So Subscribe and lets chase greatness together. 


I created an instagram page to help empower you to achieve your goals. It’s a community of like-minded, goal-getting individuals sharing tactical advice on the ordinary things they did on a consistent basis that helped them achieve success in their careers.

Eventually, you will be able to go to the page, click on a profession, and not only read about the featured person’s incredible journey, but get actionable steps you can do TODAY that led them to the success they have today.

If you want to be inspired by real extraordinary people, follow @AnOrdinary_Thing on instagram. If you’d like to share your success story, post a photo with your tips and hashtag #anordinary_thing for a chance to be featured. We’ll be posting and inspiring soon and I want you to be apart of it.

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