We all know the story. You’ve got an old twist out that no longer looks like a “twist out”, so you decide to put it up in a luscious high bun.

You carefully moisturize your edges so your hair isn’t dry. You pick and fluff your hair in an effort to get the biggest puff possible, amen? Then you smooth your hair up to the crown of your head before picking up your your ouchless elastic hair tie.

The hair tie is not too big or too small, so you think you can smooth your hair up and simply place it around your full ‘fro…but that doesn’t work, does it?

But we are not quitters! So we double wrap the hair tie and attempt to squeeze it over our afro. *Sigh* now the hair tie is too small.

Listen. I don’t want you out here struggling in these streets, so let me show you a little trick. Check out my self-made hair hack in this video  tutorial above, so you don’t have to struggle anymore.

P.S. This video is vertical, so it’s best to view it from a phone. Also, watch until the end for a bonus hair tutorial and a few moments with my son. He’s 1 1/2 and super adorable, if I do say so myself.


All you need is an elastic hair tie(no metal added) and a straight pin.

Take the elastic band and create a horse shoe shape around the hair, then loop one end of the hair ties through the other. Hold taught, and with the open loop, straddle the straight pin through.  Lastly, push the straight pin toward the base of the ponytail until it’s secure and you’re done!

Check out the reference photos below or the video tutorial above to see it in action.

how to do a high puff on natural hair
natural hair hack



natural hair protective style with bangs


I tested the Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Collection for about 2 1/2 months . This video had my first impressions of the products. I got them in a PR package free of charge, but I had no obligation to talk about them. You’ve seen the products in many of my hair wash videos, but I didn’t want to officially give my thoughts until I had a solid opinion.  I base my thoughts on whether I would go out and spend my hard earned money on them after they run out. Here are my HONEST opinions:

Shampoo: Buy. Super Moisturizing, especially for an anti breakage shampoo. Sulfate Free.

Conditioner: Will not buy. It’s serviceable. Not the best I’ve ever tried. I definitely had to use heat to get the feeling that it actually was penetrating. But it does has a decent amount of slip. Has silicones. I tend to try and stay away from silicones if I can.

Wash Day Shampoo: Buy. Definitely gets your hair clean. Squeaky clean. I like the idea of having at least one of these kinds of cleansers in my stash. Contains Salicylic Acid. No Sulfates. Contains Castor Oil.

Leave in Conditioner: Will not buy. Over time I didn’t feel it penetrated my hair shaft. It kind of just sat on top of my strands. It got the job done for this tutorial, but I’d still choose my other favorites.

Oil: Buy. It’s a nice oil. Softens the hair and has a nice weight. I love the applicator bottle style. Contains coconut oil.


The size of the elastic will determine how easy or difficult this is. My hair ties are small, so I struggled a little bit. But the struggle was worth it! This trick is perfect if you’re in a pinch and don’t have any stockings or large elastic headbands laying around. Plus, there will be so much less breakage. Now rock your puff and go…to the couch…because, well, quarantine.

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