I just found a trailer for the first episode on BET here. I love when I can give you a little extra in these newsletters! Also, shop Melanin Haircare and support one of my favorite natural hair youtubers. I love that oil, girl.


I have to apologize to all of you, the ride or die tribe that took the time to come to my website and signed up for the promise of consistent content.

When I created this website I had so many plans that quickly changed when I got married and got pregnant with my son. Ya’ll it turned my world upside down and I naively thought I could keep up with it all exactly the same way I have in the past. The truth is, I can’t. Not while simultaneously continuing to show up as my best self in all of the different areas of my life. If you’ve ever had a major change in your life, you know how eye opening and difficult the transition can be.

I realized that if I want to continue to give value in an authentic way, I’d have to provide less with more quality. While away, I thought about what I want my message to be. It’s never just been about clothing and cute hairstyles. It’s been about self love and creating inspiration that led to empowerment followed by action. I want you to be the best version of yourself in all ways, so I share in my journey (with mistakes) openly so we can all learn, share, and grow together.

So what does all of this mean for you? What does this mean for this website?

I will begin posting consistently again by August 1st. Many of my newsletters will include a YouTube video that has gone live on my channel. The newsletter will have additional content and resources not shared in the video and the rest of my site will continue to have the shoppable items and information as it has in the past.

Community building with open and genuine conversation is what I’m on the verge of creating for you. I want to create a space where “like-minded” “goal-setting and achieving” individuals can come together and share what’s working and not working on their journey to success in a safe place. I’m deciding where to curate that space, but it’s definitely coming. I’ve put a lot of thought into what I want my legacy to be, and it begins with giving back to you.



Words cannot express how incredibly happy your support has made me. I can’t wait to share what’s next for our tribe. I’ll be sharing much more of my life and I can’t wait to get to know you better. Thank you for opening this newsletter, and thank you for your time. I’ll see you on TV tonight, and in your email inbox in a few weeks.

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