A few weeks ago I posted a video on YouTube titled, “I Tried a Wash N Go on 4c Hair Every Day For A Week” and the response has been incredible! In the video, I tried achieving the ‘coveted’ wash and go hairstyle using various methods every day. The results simultaneously debunked many presumptions I had about the coil definition my 4c hair could achieve and confirmed the challenge I would face in washing my hair daily. It made thousands people laugh and I couldn’t be prouder to bring joy into the lives of so many. 

Not only did the view count explode, but the comment section is packed with hundreds of tips, tricks, and encouraging words from people across the world. Some of the techniques mentioned include steaming the hair, co-washing, pineapple method at night, and keeping the hair soaking wet while styling. However, there were also popular systems mentioned like; The Anthony Dickey Method, Black Curl Magic Digital Salon, the LCG Method, and the Maximum Hydration Method.

This piqued my interest. What would happen if I let my subscribers guide my wash and go? I chose the Max Hydration Method (because I like the name) and humorously tried to follow as many tips from my subscribers as I could. That is the basis of this video.


So what is the Maximum Hydration Method? It’s actually a hybrid of many popular techniques and is specifically geared toward those with low porosity hair who’d like to achieve ultimate moisture retention. Sounds like it’s made for me!



This treatment is a combination of The Cherry Lola and Caramel Treatments.

The Recipe

Blend ingredients together thoroughly and apply to dry hair. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and let mixture sit for at least 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours. Rinse throughly with warm water.

Note: This treatment has been very affective for many alone. For some, the following steps may not be needed.

STEP 2 - CLARIFY (optional)

Choose One:

Apple Cider Vinegar Mix:

Leave on for 30 min to 1 hour.

Baking Soda Mix: 

Mix together, leave on for 10-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. I recommend mixing it with water first, then adding it to conditioner. 

I chose to clarify using apple cider vinegar because I have previous experience using the mixture. I have a problematic scalp that breeds sebhorreic dermatitis quickly, so I wanted to clarify my scalp so I could reduce the potential of a flare up. My hair felt dry and rough to the touch after the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment, so I chose the ACV rinse in an attempt to smooth the cuticle of my hair strands. Looking back, perhaps I should not have been afraid to try the baking soda mix, seeing that the act of mixing baking soda (alkaline) and apple cider vinegar(acidic) neutralizes the PH and basically creates salty, fizzy water.


Cleanse hair with conditioner and detangle. Alternatively, you can use a deep conditioner like I did. The goal is to add moisture and nutrients back into the hair.  It’s best to add heat by either heating up the conditioner, sitting under a dryer, or deep conditioning over night. I don’t like the idea of leaving product on my hair for too long due to the risk of bacteria growth and buildup.


Some simply mix the clay with warm water and apply directly to their hair. This is the route I took, but because my hair felt dry afterwards, I will try adding oil and honey next time.


Layer a slippery leave-in conditioner and gel or custard in sections. I’ve found that very wet hair and small sections work best. Next time I’ll apply this step in the shower as well. 

It is recommended to repeat steps 2-5 every day for 7 consecutive days. I’ve also read that the original creator of the method didn’t achieve maximum hydration until day 30. Alternatively, you can try every 2-3 days if that works best for you.


Some methods for drying your hair

  • Air dry loose
  • Band the hair and air dry overnight
  • Sit under a dryer
  • Blow-dry with a diffuser attachment
  • Use a blowdryer and a soft bonnet hair dryer
  • I chose the last option and you can see me using it in the video if you’d like a visual. Ultimately, do the method that feels comfortable to you.


Hair has reached maximum hydration if it coils from root to tip. Apparently, I still have a ways to go because my roots were still very frizzy.

Here’s a video I found by ProtectivePrinces on her Maximum Hydration Journey.


Here’s a helpful video on baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinses. The maximum hydration method goes against her recommendation of only using the rinse on the scalp.

Side Note: Type 4c hair DOES have a curl pattern. Most people refer to the strands as “coils”. My hair is mostly 4c with touches of 4b and some 4a around my hair line and edges.

Check out my hair typing video below for more context.

Check out 4c Chizi Duru’s wash and go results as well:


wash n go on 4c hair
4c wash and go video


I truly hope you’ve enjoyed my video and blog post. I am planning to continue this method for a few weeks and update you all on this blog as well as my YouTube channel. Subscribe to both my email list and channel so you don’t miss out!

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  • Dawn says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know I was doing the maximum hydration method I was just so tired of my hair being dry all the time that I moisturized it and moisturized it and moisturized it until I saw a curl pattern and I thought that was my hair actually being 4B and not 4c but it was just 4c extra moisturized..?? Mind blown.

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