Today I’ll be trying hair grease on my natural hair after 15 years of keeping it out of my hair regimen.

Blue Magic is one of those childhood staple products that I don’t think I could ever forget. I remember sitting between my mother’s legs to get my hair done while she greased my scalp. I remember there were two blue magic jars – the blue one and later on we switched to the white one. Well today I found the blue one and am trying it in a completely different way than I did growing up. Instead of applying it to my scalp, I’m applying it to my hair strands. My goal is to find out if grease can be used after all – not as a scalp coating, but as a sealant to lock moisture it.


Many Hair Greases contain mineral oil and/or petrolatum that can be difficult to remove from the hair and may clog pores of the scalp. If you would like to use hair grease, I recommend using a sulfate shampoo on wash day. Sodium laurel sulfate shampoos are strong enough to properly cleanse the hair of these ingredients. If using sulfate shampoo isn’t ideal for you, limit the use of hair grease to the amount of times you are willing to use a sulfate shampoo.



Would you give hair grease a try? Do you already use it? Comment below and spill all. I’m sure we could all use a new tip or two what it comes to using this sealant.

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