Old Fashion Rules are Dead

Five years ago, I would have only paired this sheer, dressy, polkadot blouse with trousers. Or – dress pants. My “dressy” clothes could only date other dressy clothes, because anything else just wouldn’t look right. Ha! How prejudice of me.

Seriously, though, I thought that way. To be fair, it’s really reminsce of old rules. Fashion “rules” like, brown and black don’t match, never mix silver and gold, and always wear dress shoes with dresses. Well, today, fashion rules are kind of a thing of the past. We wear whatever we want and I think the mix of so many eras of fashion in our stores today is a reflection of that.

So here’s my baby step in that direction. And guess what? It looks pretty damn good!



Top : Zara | Jeans : Forever 21 | Shoes : Nine West | Hat : Thrifted | Bracelet : Tiffany’s | Purse : Zara



If this resonated with you, share it with your girlfriends. Comment below and tell us what fashion rules YOU love to break. Also, check out my post, How To Add Patterns and Prints to Your Wardrobe.


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  • Marcia M. says:

    This is such a dope look! Great way to break the rules.

  • Liz Nankin says:

    You look beautiful- strong and in your mind and body –
    I love how you share the life and the power of change- transformation.
    Amazing look of “ breaking the rules”
    Our clothes are extensions of what narratives we want to share about ourselves with humanity.
    To re mash up the old with the new –
    Invent new rules is what it all about –
    Thrift shops with the back of you closet finds with new shop looks .
    Keep sharing your
    wonderfulness La Toya 🦋

    • LaToya Ebony says:

      Hi Liz!
      Thank you for such a sweet comment. You just made my day! Only you could write something so lovely and thought provoking. *hugs*

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