Adding prints to your outfits can be an exciting way to update your wardrobe and personal style. For many, the idea of adding print can bring an element of fun and edge to an otherwise safe, neutral wardrobe. For others, the idea is intriguing, but the execution is a bit daunting. I’ve been on both sides, and I have three simple ways to help ease prints and patterns into any wardrobe like a pro.

1. CHOOSE THE COLORS WISELY:  Choose prints that incorporate colors that match with the wardrobe you currently have. That way, you can use the solid pieces you own as the anchor to building outfits.

2. ADD ACCESSORIES:  The bold print featured in this top may be a little over the top for someone just trying to get their feet wet. If I’m describing you, perhaps consider adding something small to your wardrobe. Some examples would be a scarf, shoes, a patterned sock, or a belt. These small details give a little oomph to your outfit without being overwhelming. They are a safe way to experiment.

3. START SMALL: There are so many wonderful small prints and patterns that blend into an outfit and don’t call too much attention. Small polka dots, stripes, and tiny floral prints can all work to add intrigue and each fit well with both solids and larger patterned prints.



Top | Hot Miami Styles • Skirt | Thrifted • Shoes | Franco Sarto • Purse | Louis Vuitton • Necklace | H&M

What drew me to this top is the color scheme. It has beautiful golden brown, navy, and cream stripes that are easy to pair solid pieces with.  I love that it features the “cold shoulder” trend and balloon sleeves for an ultra feminine look.

I’ve chosen cream as my focal color as it lightens up the palette, and draws attention to the stripes. The skirt adds the ultimate feminine flair with its sheer pleats and a carefree, flowing fabric. I added chunky heeled suede boots for juxtaposition and comfortability. Sometimes adding worn-down relaxed elements to an otherwise dressed up outfit brings a confidence that I find very attractive.



If you have broad shoulders and you love them, tops like this are perfect. You get the ability to show off toned shoulders and the balloon sleeves draw the eye away from larger arms onto the oversized sleeves. The skirt has a subtle A-line cut, and the combination of the sweetheart cut of the top and full bust gives a very flattering silhouette that compliments those who may desire more fullness in the bust and hip area.

I hope this helped spark some ideas. Leave some ideas of your own or share this article with someone you think will like it. Happy shopping!

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