When I originally bought these pants I thought, okay, I love yellow. My closet is full of so much black and grey that if I don’t buy these I just need to quit life.  Seriously though, It’s strange because I love color, but when I choose garments, I am always attracted to deep jewel tones, black, and grays.  I literally have to force myself to grab brighter colors and take them home. Once I get them home, I’m thankful because I’ve forced myself out of my neutral ‘box’ and I can become more creative with outfit ideas. I’m kind of like a kid with new colors in a crayon box.


Top | Hot Miami Styles • Bottoms | Zara * Shoes | Zara * Necklace | Forever 21 * Sunglasses | H & M * Bracelet | Charlotte Russe

These pants are challenging because they have ruching at the waistline and wouldn’t look good with a shirt that was too frumpy to tuck in.  However, there are a few things that make these trousers work well for those with smaller hips.

The ruching draws attention to the waistline, and these pants can be pulled high enough to stop at the smallest part of the waist. Also, the pockets! This may seem small, but that slight bulk fills out the hip area a little more and can give the illusion of wider hips. It’s a win-win if you ask me.

Back to the shirt issue. To solve the problem, I decided to pair these yellow crop pants with a black (ha!) crop top, statement necklace, and black heels. The top doesn’t interfere with the waistline and shows a bit of skin between the pants and shirt without being too revealing. Also, black is slimming and offsets the boldness of the yellow pants. The heels are slim and feminine, so they contrast my large ankles and the crop top makes it mature and sexy.





Maybe I can come up with a solution and share it with everyone. Perhaps you are struggling with accessory ideas, a top, or particular dress? Let me help. Comment down below and let me know what you’d like to see next.

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