There comes a time when we all need a little wardrobe upgrading in our lives.  With so many clothes staring back at us in our closets, which ones do we keep and which ones get tossed?

When I was growing up, I used to give all of my inanimate objects feelings and personalities. I imagined they said things like, “pick me, wear me!” and I’d choose accordingly.  As I got older, that mentality fell away, but it was replaced with an attachment to my clothing. Almost like a fragrance, each item reminded me of a time and place that was either adored or abhorred. Either way, as a result, my closets always remained overcrowded with items I no longer wore or liked.

6 Quick Tips

Ive already outlined the 6 reasons you’re afraid to throw away old clothes, but now it’s time to get to it. The good news is, it’s simpler to choose than you may have thought.

You don’t feel confident in it. This is number one above all else. We all have different taste in style and one thing I may deem as something to throw away may be a clothing item that makes you feel like a million bucks. Listen to your heart, but don’t B.S. yourself either. There’s no sense in owning something that doesn’t accentuate the diva/divo inside.

It doesn’t fit. This another time to be honest with yourself. I’ve mentioned this before, but let’s drive the point home, shall we? When you wear things that are too big or small, it can make you look out of shape. Your body size doesn’t matter, by the way.  If an outfit is too big, you risk looking sloppy and unorganized. If an outfit is too small, it pushes into the skin causing areas on your body to bulge out and create body “rolls” where they might otherwise not exist. So try every questionable garment on, face the mirror, and tell yourself the truth.  Worst case scenario, more shopping is in the future 🙂

You’ve outgrown the style.  I don’t think this needs much explanation. We’ve all had things we simply don’t like anymore, but somehow stay in our closets. When you spot it, toss it or give it away.

If It’s in bad shape, it’s time to free your closet of it. There’s no sense in walking around with stains you’re trying to hide or safety pinning missing buttons (unless your you enjoy it). If you’re having trouble, “in bad shape” basically means items that are torn, tattered, missing buttons, pilled up, or stained.

You haven’t worn it In a long time. This can be the hardest item(s) to get rid of because most people have such hope for an item and will continuously hold onto it until they get a chance to wear it. I get it, if it’s beautiful and makes you happy, you should wear it. Here’s a suggestion, give yourself a short timeline. If it’s a really cute top or accessory, wear it by the end of the week. If it’s something a bit more dressy, get together with some friends and have an outing so you can all get dressed up and spend some quality time together. It kills two birds with one stone!

If an item has bad memories attached, it should be the first to go. Keeping a top from your cheating ex in some way makes you relive that relationship every time you see it. Sometimes throwing those items away can be therapeutic. Give it a try and see how much better you’ll feel. It may take some time, but it eventually always feels good to get rid of the baggage and toxic memories.

If you want a glimpse into how my own purging is coming along, check out my latest Youtube video, Wardrobe Purge | Pants & Skirts.


Now that you have a good idea of the kinds of things to throw away, get to it! This is the next step in creating that perfect wardrobe you envision. Come back and let me know how it went 😉

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