Fall is the season before nature goes into hibernation to wake up anew. It’s also the season in which the most exciting fashion trends come alive and fashionistas can’t help but splurge on their latest outfit inspirations. I am no exception. I watch tons of runways shows and read too many magazine articles and blogs during fall.  My mind begins buzzing with ideas that only indulging in a new pair of shoes or top can bring to life.

The past two years have been dedicated to clearing out my closet. Whether it’s conquering reasons I was afraid to throw things away, donating tons of clothes to natural disaster victims, or simply organizing my closet, I haven’t acquired much that wasn’t related to business.

Now I’ve narrowed down my closet to the things I absolutely love and it was time to fill in the gaps! In this video, I’ve shared the pieces I just could not bring myself to click away from. I have to apologize to your wallet in advance, because these are fall trend items you won’t want to pass up.



This season I’m most excited about the color red. It’s one of my favorite colors to wear because it goes so well with my skin tone. You can try going all out with a monochromatic red outfit, or select pieces that add a pop to any look.


Women with thick ankles, listen up! This is the first time I’ve seen a boot as flattering on the ankle. Usually the ankle space is too small or has so much room, a muscular leg can look like a tree truck. These boots comfortably hug your ankles creating the perfect slenderizing contour that leads to your calves.


These are an oldie, but goodie. If you’re a shoe person, your options this season are limitless. There are so many beautiful leather, suede, studded, thread designs, and heel heights to choose from. Statement shoes have the ability to dress up a bland outfit, or add the finishing touch to a bold, creative ‘fit. As you can see, I’ve already began to dig in with my zebra striped shoes, but here are some other unique options I’ve found.


More than ever we have an abundance of inspiration from previous time periods. There are modern takes on the 70s, 80s, 90s, and some new minimalistic styles have emerged. I hope I’m able to give you outfit inspiration in the months to come, but more than that, I hope you begin to explore the clothing racks with fresh eyes that inspire you to unleash your own fashionista. Happy shopping!

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