I love neutrals, but neutrals don’t have to be boring. Finding a bold print or mixing cuts and textures is a great way to give an outfit spice. This skirt is not only in a bold black and white stripped print, but also an asymmetrical cut that draws attention to the ankle strap shoes. If you happen to have larger calves and ankles, like I do, try to keep the shoes slender and ultra feminine to balance out athletic legs. This look would also look really cool with a chunkier heeled boot, or combat boot, if having a tougher edge is your style. One could argue that thicker ankles and legs could support the latter look because it simply continues the same line to the ground.

This bodysuit has cutouts on the sides that draw attention to the smallest part of the waist and the geometric cuts compliment all of the other straight lines in this outfit. Normally, an outfit this tight all the way down would point out little to no hips, but the cutouts in the top and bold pattern give intrigue and shape that distract the eye. I topped it all off with a bold orange lip, short hair, and gold accessories to keep it edgy.

Take a look at the other photos and similar items so you can recreate this look for yourself!


Top | Zara • Skirt | Barney’s New York • Shoes | Zara • Handbag | Ralph Lauren • Jewelry | Charlotte Russe


Dressing in neutrals doesn’t have to be boring. Mixing patterns, textures, and silhouettes can mix things up in an exciting way. As long as you stick to two or three main colors, you can experiment without abandon. Happy creating!

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