updated 4c hair routine 3haircare
October 21, 2021

Updated 4C Hair Moisturize Routine

My updated 4c wash day and moisturizing steps for my new natural hair care routine. After doing the 30 Day Hair Detox for nearly 2 months, I've decided to revamp my hair care regimen. I've added some new products and techniques and kept some oldies, but goodies.
No Butters No Oils Natural Hair challengehaircare
July 25, 2021

The Rules of No Butters No Oils | 30 Day Hair Detox

There’s been a huge uptick of videos on Youtube and social apps from creators ditching raw oils and butter on natural hair. The same oils and jars of butter that are praised for giving so many amazing results for natural and relaxed hair care enthusiasts alike.  I can honestly say, the thought of not coating my strands in my favorite butter and oil-rich products scared me. But before rejecting the method altogether, I sought to learn a little bit more about it and how it could possibly benefit my coily head of hair. 
LaToya Ebony s curl wash and gohaircare
March 23, 2021

Jheri Curl Gel on 4c Natural Hair

It’s been ages but the time is now. I’m finally putting Lusters Curl and Wave Curl Activator (aka Jheri Curl Gel) to the test! As a bonus I'll also compare Aunt Jackie’s gel with Eco styler gel.
straightened 4c hairhaircare
February 9, 2021

7 Easy Ways To Grow Your Hair in ONE YEAR! (Number 4 changed my life)

From October 2019 to December 2020 I managed to grow and retain a significant amount of length to my 4c hair. I’d like to share 7 easy ways you can grow your hair too.
mofajang hair paint on 4c hairhaircare
December 10, 2020

The Safest Way To Dye 4c Natural Hair

This method is the easiest way to get red hair on 4c hair with no damage. The steps are fast, easy, and give amazing results. If you’re afraid of damaging your type 4 hair with hair dye, this Mofajang red paint hair wax is a great alternative. It’s really easy to apply and gives a great color punch.
2020 Natural hair gift guidehaircareholiday
December 2, 2020

The Best Natural Hair Gift Guide | Kinky Curly Type 4 Hair

I’ve put together a gift guide of products for men and women with natural hair for those just getting started or veteran natural hair enthusiasts. There are various price points to choose from on this list and many of these are great for family members, co-workers, and friends alike. These are the best natural hair gifts for the holiday season.
trying tie tie hair hack on 4c hairhaircare
November 28, 2020

Testing Tik Tok Natural Hair Hack on 4c Hair

Tik Tok and Instagram reels have blown up and I am living for all of the hair hacks that have surfaced. I’ve always wondered if they’d work on my type 4 hair, so today we are testing the braid out (my #2 nemesis behind Bantu knots). Will it work?
Mofajang hair color wax materialhaircare
November 19, 2020

Trying Bright Purple Color On My Type 4 Hair

I have a secret confession. I’ve wanted to color my hair something wild and untraditional FOR YEARS! I’d always look longingly at other people who colored their hair fun colors, but never dared to do it myself because of the risk of damaging my fine 4c hair. I’ve had experience with coloring my hair with blonde highlights in the past and I’m always left with a dry detangling nightmare. It wasn’t worth it, so I settled on get the occasional colored wig to live out my fantasy…until today.
Daily wash and go working momhaircare
November 16, 2020

The Truth About Daily Wash and Gos For Working Mom

Testing the Anthony Dickey wash and go method as a working mom. Can it really be done daily? Would I do it daily? Recently I got a one on one private lesson via Zoom from the King of Wash and Gos himself. I got amazing results, but today I”m testing it out to see if I could actually do his wash and go daily on my 4c hair…while being a busy, working parent. Recently I got a one on one private lesson via Zoom from the King of Wash and Gos himself. I got amazing results, but today I”m testing it…
I Tried Hair Grease For a Braid Out...and Got Playedhaircare
November 14, 2020

I Tried Hair Grease For a Braid Out…and Got Played

I used hair grease as a sealant for a braid out and had a bad turnout. Sometimes it feels customary for content creators such as myself to always have outcomes for hairstyles that always look amazing. The reality is sometimes we have not so great hair days. In this video I have attempted to use hair grease, an old school favorite, to create a defined braid out and I had a natural hair fail.
Banding 4c hair for lengthhaircare
November 13, 2020

More LENGTH and VOLUME with your Wash and Go | Banding Method

This is the easiest and most effective way I’ve seen to stretch a wash and go without using heat. Look, I’m a busy person. I’m a mother, wife, employee, and entrepreneur - the shorter the process the better. I picked up some satin hair ties from H&M on sale and went to town.  In this video above you will see me using the banding method on my 4c wash and go for two night in a row. Then I’ll compare the results. I truly hope you enjoy this vlog style experiment.
diffuser on 4c wash and gohaircare
November 12, 2020

I Tried a DIFFUSER On My Type 4 Wash and Go *Surprising Results*

Let me be frank. I didn’t think 4c hair had a reason to use a diffuser. Furthermore, before this year, I’d never imagined getting amazing results from a wash and go - period. I was like many type 4 naturals whom dreaded detangling so much that any style that encouraged having the hair in its natural state looked like a nightmare waiting to happen. Also — when is the last time you’ve seen a mainstream brand showcase a 4c wash and go in their marketing campaigns? I’ll wait.  Needless to say, I’ve never found a reason to own a diffuser…