Pregnant at 32 | Third Trimester

11/9/2018 · Category: Lifestyle

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yellow and black outfit idea

This Yellow Ain't So Mellow

11/6/2018 · Category: Fashion

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How To Top Knot Bun Without The Sock

11/2/2018 · Category: Haircare

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I Broke an Old Fashion Rule

10/23/2018 · Category: Fashion

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Rihanna Iconic Makeup Look

10/20/2018 · Category: Beauty

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Postpartum Fall Clothing Haul and Try On

10/19/2018 · Category: Fashion

I’m currently 8 weeks post pregnancy and am just now able to fit clothing that isn’t maternity.  View full post


My New Favorite Converse

10/16/2018 · Category: Fashion

I’ve fallen in love, and this time, it’s with a sneaker.  View full post


The Fluffiest Twistout Tutorial on Type 4 Hair

10/12/2018 · Category: Haircare

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fluffy twistout updo for medium hair

I Got Married and Had a Baby in the Same Year

10/05/2018 · Category: Lifestyle

Imagine.  Engaged, pregnant, and a baby – all in the same year.  View full post


How To Add Patterns and Prints to Your Wardrobe

11/28/2017 · Category: Fashion

Adding prints to your outfits can be an exciting way to update your wardrobe and personal style. For many, the idea of adding print can bring an element of fun and edge to an otherwise safe, neutral wardrobe. For others, the idea is intriguing, but the execution is a bit daunting. I’ve been on both sides, and I have three simple ways to help ease prints and patterns into any wardrobe like a pro.  View full post


cyber monday 2017 female athletic body types

Athletic Body Type Fashion Picks for Cyber Monday

11/24/2017 · Category: Fashion • Lifestyle

Cyber Monday is here once again, so it’s time to stock up on styles that look great on your athletic body. Most female muscular body types are broad in the shoulders, and narrow in the hips. This creates a kind of “inverted triangle” shape. The less amount of hip you have, the more important it is to find bottoms that create fullness along the pevlis. I have a very popular blog post speaking about the female athletic shape that includes a quiz for finding out what body shape you have.

Today I’m sharing hand picked styles that are perfect for athletic body types, and will be on sale Black Friday through Cyber Monday. View full post


cyber monday 2017 female athletic body types

Thanksgiving Snack Ideas Under 300 Calories

11/24/2017 · Category: Lifestyle

Eating anything under 300 calories during Thanksgiving, that isn’t plain lettuce, seems impossible. Especially at holiday gatherings where taste, not health, seems to win the day. That’s why I’ve put togeher two healthy snacks under 300 calories that are perfect to bring to parties. They are meatless, affordable, healthy, and easy to make. Between these two dishes, there is something for everyone to enjoy . View full post


6 Ways To Save Money Holiday Shopping

11/17/2017 · Category: Lifestyle

The holidays are upon us and credit cards are lit. Yes, LIT. Trying to save money holiday shopping is difficult because it is the most expensive time of the year. We shop for gifts and in turn, our bank accounts deplete with every check mark on the “nice list.” Being generous has a cost, and retailers love a generous heart. So it seems we have two choices; give big and go broke, or scrooge it up and save our money. View full post


save money shopping

How I Paid Off $27,000 of Debt in One Year

11/14/2017 · Category: Lifestyle

I am living proof that you can pay off a large amount of debt in short period of time without winning the lottery or being born into a wealthy family. Truth be told, it isn’t rocket science, it just takes laser focus intention, a well constructed habit loop, a little know-how, and a strong desire to be debt free. The five key tips for getting out of debt are Mentality, Income, Budget, Automate, and Mentors. In the video below I go into detail about each word and share a bit about my journey to debt freedom in the process.    View full post


Fall Fashion 2017 Trends You Need ASAP

11/10/2017 · Category: Fashion

Fall is the season before nature goes into hibernation to wake up anew. It’s also the season in which the most exciting fashion trends come alive and fashionistas can’t help but splurge on their latest outfit inspirations. I am no exception. I watch tons of runways shows and read too many magazine articles and blogs during fall.  My mind begins buzzing with ideas that only indulging in a new pair of shoes or top can bring to life.  View full post


Gym Essentials

11/07/2017 · Category: Fitness

Staying motivated to go to the gym anytime past March of a new year is one of the most common struggles amongst those of us on a fitness journey. Trust me, there are many times when I don’t feel like getting out of bed and I have to force myself to get moving or I’ll simply fall back asleep.

Keeping this in mind, I began to reflect on the simple things I do that keep me motivated and in the game so that I can see results as quickly as possible. Besides watching tons of motivational fitness videos on YouTube or scrolling through Instagram, there are a few tools I use that keep my head in the game. View full post


Black, White, and Bold

11/02/2017 · Category: Fashion

I love neutrals, but neutrals don’t have to be boring. Finding a bold print or mixing cuts and textures is a great way to give an outfit spice. This skirt is not only in a bold black and white stripped print, but also an asymmetrical cut that draws attention to the ankle strap shoes. If you happen to have larger calves and ankles, like I do, try to keep the shoes slender and ultra feminine to balance out athletic legs. View full post


How To Dress Athletic Body Types

08/11/2016 · Fashion & Fitness

For a very long time I’ve felt ashamed of my athletic body type. I build muscle very easily, have always had bigger arms, shoulders, and calves than any of my female friends. I struggled finding my personal style in a sea of photos with beautiful petite and curvier women. Fitness pages give me inspiration, but I see a void in how to style that body type beyond workout clothing. This post is for all of you ladies who feel the same way and want a little inspiration. View full post

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Styling Yellow Trousers

10/13/2017 · Fashion

When I originally bought these pants I thought, okay, I love yellow. My closet is full of so much black and grey that if I don’t buy these I just need to quit life.  Seriously though, It’s strange because I love color, but when I choose garments, I am always attracted to deep jewel tones, black, and grays.  I literally have to force myself to grab brighter colors and take them home. Once I get them home, I can have fun because I have more options. View full post

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12 Step Guide to Perfect Hair Color at Home

09/17/2015 · Haircare

If you’ve read my blog post, Meet My Mother, you know that my mother was was visiting from New York for the first time in six years. Yes, you read that right. Instead of requesting a good old fashioned meal, I requested a hair makeover. In true hair lover fashion.  Oh come on, if your mother was a talented cosmetologist I’m sure you would have done the same thing. When a woman is that good with hair, you don’t pass up on any opportunities. View full post

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